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Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® GT ROF™

  • summer
  • sport performance
  • run on flat
Outstanding Driver Feedback And Responsive Handling
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$362.97 ea.

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$ 160 on a set of 4 tires
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  • Touch Technology™,Multi-Radius Tread Technology™

    Helps maintain the tire's shape and enables smooth performance at highway speeds

  • Flatter tread profile,Reinforced sidewall construction

    Helps provide tight and secure fit of the tire on the rim

  • Asymmetric tread design,Hybrid Jointless Band Technology™

    Helps protect rims from accidental curb damage

  • Unique bead fit system,Performance compounding

    Enhances dry and wet traction while helping to reduce rolling resistance

  • Non-directional tread,Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (DSST)®+*

    Patented sidewall construction and specially develped rubber help allow continued mobility up to a distance of 50 miles at a maximum speed of 55 mph in normal conditions

Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Sidewall Description Front PSI Rear PSI
245/50R18 100 Y BLT N/A N/A
225/35R19 88 Y BLT N/A N/A
245/45R18 96 Y BLT N/A N/A
245/50R18 100 W BLT N/A N/A
255/40R18 95 Y BLT N/A N/A
245/30R19 89 Y BLT N/A N/A
225/35R20 90 Y BLT N/A N/A
275/40R20 106 W BLT N/A N/A
245/35R20 95 Y BLT N/A N/A
285/35R18 97 Y BLT N/A N/A
255/30R20 92 Y BLT N/A N/A
315/35R20 110 W BLT N/A N/A
275/40R19 101 Y BLT N/A N/A
275/30R20 97 Y BLT N/A N/A
275/40R18 99 Y BLT N/A N/A
245/40R19 94 Y BLT N/A N/A
245/45R19 98 Y BLT N/A N/A
275/35R19 96 Y BLT N/A N/A