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Tire Rotation

Your vehicle’s front tires typically handle more force than the rear tires, potentially causing them to wear faster. Regular tire rotation can help even out this tread wear, maximizing the life of your tires. Schedule an appointment for Tire Rotation today at a Just Tires Store in your area.

What is the service?
  • Typically, under normal driving conditions, your vehicle's front tires wear faster than the rear tires because they handle much of the cornering forces in turns. This is especially true on front-wheel drive vehicles. Regular tire rotation helps ensure that all of your tires do some duty on the front end as well as getting a little break on the back end. This helps promote even wear for your tires, and maximum tire mileage for you.

Why is the service recommended?
  • Simply, tire rotation means moving a tire and rim assembly from one wheel position on your vehicle to another. During our tire rotation service, we'll remove your vehicle's tires and inspect the wear patterns. That way, we can rotate the tires into positions where they may wear more evenly. For most vehicles, tires are rotated front to back. In other instances, your Goodyear service professional will ensure that your vehicle receives the appropriate tire rotation.

How does our service help?
  • Regular tire rotation helps prevent premature tire wear, extending the service life of your tires. In the long run, this could help save you hundreds of dollars in early tire replacement.

Save $100s of dollars on replacing tires from premature tire wear

Service Warranty
Your tires should be rotated based on the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service interval that matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits or every 6 months / 15,000 miles. Your tires may wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle and the condition of your suspension.
Key Tip
  • Most tire manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 6-8,000 miles

Estimated service time:  1 hour.


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Valvoline Conventional, MaxLife Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic Oil

Includes up to 5 quarts of oil. Pricing applies to most vehicles. Synthetic blend or full synthetic oil changes also include a Free four tire rotation. Cartridge filter and/or diesel oil extra. Fluid/filter disposal charges may apply. Additional charge or shop supplies, up to 7% or $25 maximum, may be added. See store for complete details. Special State Exceptions: FL - Waste oil / filter fee may apply; CA - $2.50 fluid / filter disposal fee apply but no additional charge for shop supplies apply; PA - no fluid disposal charges apply; NY - no fluid disposal or additional charge for shop supplies apply. No other discounts apply. Cash value 1/50¢. Not to be used in conjunction with any other coupon

Free Tire Care Package

Includes: - 4 tires tread depth check and rotation - Tire pressure check and adjustment - Wheel Alignemnt check

Offer ends 05/24/16. Must present coupon to get this offer. Most Vehicles. No other discounts apply. Package includes: 1) Free Alignment Check 2) Tire Pressure Check and Adjustment, and 3) Tread Depth Check and Four-Tire Rotation (Vehicles requiring mounting or dismounting of tires to perform rotation excluded). Redeem at participating Just Tires locations only. Whether you need repairs or further diagnostics performed, we will provide an estimate. See Store for complete details. Cash value 1/50c. Special State Exceptions: CA and NY- no additional for shop supplies. Cash value of 1/50¢.

$15 off a Computerized Alignment

Check and Adjust to Manufacturer's Specifications where Applicable

Offer expires 05/24/16. Must present coupon to get this offer. Most vehicles. No other discounts apply. May not be used in combination with other coupons. Redeem at participating Just Tires locations only. Adjust to manufacturers specifications where applicable. Some 4WD vehicles excluded. Vehicles with Electronic Stability control may be extra. Will be deducted from participating retailer's price at the time of purchase. Savings off regular price. Additional parts or services may be recommended and charges apply. Additional charge for shop supplies, up to 7% or $25 maximum, may be added. Special State Exceptions: CA and NY - no additional for shop supplies. See Store for complete details. Cash value 1/50c.