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Tune Up

An annual car tune up can help maximize your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. We’ll identify potential problems using computerized diagnostic equipment and replace worn components. Schedule an appointment for Tune Up today at a Just Tires Store in your area.

What is the service?
  • The engine is the heart of your vehicle - it's important to keep it healthy to ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiently. So whether it's an annual check-up or a ?check engine? light service, a car tune up is a smart way to help prevent engine issues over the life of your vehicle.

Why is the service recommended?
  • What is a tune up service? Our tune up service includes a number of steps to diagnose potential issues and maintain engine components. First, we'll use computerized diagnostic equipment to identify symptoms that could indicate engine trouble. Then, a car care expert will thoroughly inspect your engine and surrounding mechanisms and pinpoint any problems or worn parts. A tune up service typically takes 2-6 hours.

How does our service help?
  • Not only does a tune up service help identify problems and potentially avoid expensive repairs, it also helps improve day-to-day driving, maximizing overall vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Fixing a car out of tune can improve gas mileage by an average of 4% or the equivalent gas savings of 16¢ per gallon

Key Tip
  • A tune up service is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. We recommend a tune up based on the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service interval that matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits to keep your engine in good condition. If you notice decreased gas mileage, loss of power, abnormal engine noises, or if your check engine light turns on, you should schedule a tune up, or engine analysis sooner. Our car tune up service comes with a service warranty. This automotive service comes with a service warranty.

Estimated service time:  2-6 hours.


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Valvoline Conventional, MaxLife Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic Oil

Includes up to 5 quarts of oil. Pricing applies to most vehicles. Synthetic blend or full synthetic oil changes also include a Free four tire rotation. Cartridge filter and/or diesel oil extra. Fluid/filter disposal charges may apply. Additional charge or shop supplies, up to 7% or $25 maximum, may be added. See store for complete details. Special State Exceptions: FL - Waste oil / filter fee may apply; CA - $2.50 fluid / filter disposal fee apply but no additional charge for shop supplies apply; PA - no fluid disposal charges apply; NY - no fluid disposal or additional charge for shop supplies apply. No other discounts apply. Cash value 1/50¢. Not to be used in conjunction with any other coupon

$25 Off Services of $50 or More

Offer expires 12/31/15. Minimum purchase of $50 required before sales tax and disposal fee. Must present coupon to get this offer. Valid only on one service. Most vehicles. No other discounts apply. Additional charge for shop supplies, up to7% or $25 maximum, may be added. Redeem at participating Just Tires locations only. See store for complete details. Special State Exceptions: CA and NY – no additional charge for shop supplies apply.  Cash value 1/50¢.