Free Tire Pressure Check

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What Our Free Tire Pressure Check Is and When You Need It

With so much to do and see, it can be easy to overlook your tire pressure. Under- or over-inflation, however, can adversely affect handling and gas mileage, not to mention the life of your tires.

If you think your tire pressure is off, let one of our experts make sure they’re properly inflated so you’re ready for what’s next on your to-do list.

Signs you may want to have your tire pressure checked:

  • Your tire pressure monitoring system light is on.
  • Your tire makes squealing noises when you turn.
  • Your tire looks deflated and more rounded on the sides.


We’ll check the pressure of all four tires on your vehicle completely free of charge. This includes:

  • Checking for under- or over-inflation
  • Inspecting your tires for signs of pressure-related damage, such as leaks or premature tread wear.
  • Returning your tire pressure to a PSI that meets your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations

Why is it important to get my tire pressure checked?

Making sure your tires are inflated properly is important for several reasons. Proper inflation helps:

  • Improve safety and handling
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Decrease tread wear
  • Reduce braking distance
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

When should I check my tire pressure?

We recommend that you come in for a free check if your tire pressure monitoring system light comes on when you start your vehicle, if your tires feel unusually soft, or if you notice a decrease in fuel efficiency.

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