Towing Service

TOW365, our 24-hour towing assistance service, makes it easy to allow qualified technicians to respectfully handle your towing needs, so you can get back on the road with confidence.


See our competitive prices here:

  • $59.99 for tows up to 10 miles
  • $79.99 for tows 10.1-20 miles
  • $109.99 for tows 20.1-30 miles
  • After 30 miles: Additional $3.75 per mile in addition to the base $109.99 charge


Towing Service Details

TOW365 provides towing assistance to the trusted technicians at your nearest participating Just Tires location.

To use TOW365 services, call 1-877-GYR4TOW  anytime to take advantage of the program — with no upfront cost,* sign-up or membership required.

Benefits of Our 24-Hour Towing Service

  • Tow-truck drivers from Agero are fully certified
  • We’ll tow your vehicle any distance
  • Your towing cost will be the same regardless of day, time of day, or holiday
  • We’ll add the cost of your tow to your Just Tires provider’s invoice

A note on our towing fees:

The TOW365 program is provided by Agero and covers cars, light trucks, and SUVs at $59.99 for tows up to 10 miles, $79.99 for tows between 10.1 miles and 20 miles, and $109.99 for tows up to 30 miles. For tows greater than 30 miles, there will be an additional charge that the tow provider sets and charges the customer for directly. 

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