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3-Year Alignment Program

  • A thorough alignment check and maintenance every 6 months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first) and save up to $300.00 more.
  • Front-end and/or rear-end mechanical adjustments, if needed
  • A series of electronic and road tests to confirm that our alignments meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • A thorough alignment check
  • Careful inspection of your tire condition, air pressure, steering, and suspension
  • A detailed printout of our alignment test readings for your records
  • A nationwide limited warranty for coverage no matter where you go

Fuel System Service

Select this service if:
  • You experience a loss of power
  • You notice that you’re getting lower gas mileage
  • The vehicle hesitates when you step on the gas

Ventilation Cleaning

Select this service if:
  • There’s a musty smell coming from your air vents
  • There’s mold and mildew buildup inside your vents
  • You drive in places with high pollution or pollen

Brake Fluid Check & Change Service

Select this service if:
  • You notice a decrease in stopping power
  • You’ve exceeded the recommended time between checks

Differential Fluid Service

Select this service if:
  • You’ve driven the recommended distance of 30K to 50K miles
  • Gears make a whining or howling noise on turns

Transmission Fluid Change

Select this service if:
  • Your transmission grinds or makes noise
  • Gears change too quickly, slowly or start to slip
  • Your vehicle suddenly lurches forward or backward

Power Steering Fluid Change

Select this service if:
  • Clear or amber fluid is leaking with a burnt marshmallow smell
  • You have difficulty steering or hear noises when you do it
  • You’ve passed the recommended replacement date

Radiator & Coolant Flush Service

Select this service if:
  • Your temperature gauge is rising into the “hot” zone
  • You see white smoke or green fluid under your vehicle
  • The coolant or antifreeze level is low