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Tire Size Calculator

Use the Just Tires Tire Finder, our tire size calculator, to help you find the right tire. There are two ways to use the tire finder. The first, and most popular, is to use your vehicle information. The second is to use the numbers you see on your tire's sidewall.

Find tires with the Just Tires Tire Finder

Calculate with Your Vehicle Info:

Year + Make + Model + Version/Option = Your Tire Size

We recommend calculating with your vehicle information, so that we can provide you with the most relevant results.

How to Find Your Version/Option:

The version/option of your vehicle can usually be found in one of the following places:

Owner's Manual

Driver's Door Jamb

Vehicle Window Sticker

Example: The version/option of a Honda Accord EX V6 is EX V6.

It's important that we have all of your vehicle information. Things like your version/option can affect your tire size, and we want to make sure we're showing you the right results based on the information you've given us.

Calculate with Your Sidewall Info:

Width + Aspect Ratio + Rim = Your Tire Size

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