Differential Fluid Service

Our service technicians will perform a free inspection of your vehicle’s differential fluid. If the fluid happens to be in poor condition, we will provide you with a recommendation to move forward with a differential fluid change. Keeping up to date on your fluid exchanges can help maintain your vehicle’s differential gears, at both of the front or rear axles.

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Why Changing Your Differential Fluid Is Important

You're not alone if this is the first time you've considered replacing your differential fluid (also known as differential oil). Fortunately, our service techs have you — and your differential — covered when it comes to this often-overlooked lubricant.

Signs Differential Fluid Needs Checked:
  • You’ve exceeded your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended differential fluid replacement interval (typically between 30,000 and 50,000 miles).
  • Your gears make a whining or howling noise when they turn—a sign of low or excessively dirty lubricant.

Looking for assistance?

The first step in our service is a complimentary test of your vehicle's rear differential fluid (the liquid that keeps your rear differential gears and rear axle running smoothly). Our technicians will work with you to decide whether you want to continue with a differential fluid swap whether the fluid isn’t performing at its best or otherwise in poor condition.

If you want to proceed, we will carefully replace it according to the manufacturer's recommendations for your vehicle. Schedule an Appointment

Easily schedule an appointment today at your local Just Tires tire shop and have your differential fluid inspected and serviced as needed. Schedule an Appointment Today.

Normal driving exposes differential fluid to high temperatures, which causes the fluid to break down and increase heat and friction between the gears. Changing differential fluid is an often-ignored scheduled service that, when performed on a regular basis, will help extend the life of your differential gears, ensuring that both your vehicle runs smoothly.

Recommendations differ depending on the car manufacturer and model. For repair and/or operation, the Motorist Assurance Program recommends consulting the vehicle's owner's manual.