Free 29-Point Inspection

During our complimentary 29-Point vehicle inspection service, our service technicians will examine your tires, vehicle fluids, brakes, battery and more to find any potential issues that may need immediate repairs. Schedule an inspection today.

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What Our 29-point Inspection Is And Why You Need It

The smoother and more efficiently you keep your vehicle running, the easier it is to enjoy the ride—not to mention all the destinations. Keep it in tip-top shape with a complimentary 29-Point Inspection, performed by one of our knowledgeable, experienced technicians.

Why do I need a free, periodic checkup?
  • You’ll learn of any new changes to your vehicle’s condition.
  • You’ll be better prepared to stay on top of any maintenance or repairs required to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • By learning about potential issues early, you have the chance to make fixes before they become costlier repairs.

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Performed by one of our experienced technicians, the 29-Point Inspection serves as a report card for your car so that you learn of potential repairs that may require immediate attention, as well as ones you may want to plan for in the future.

Free with any service, our 29-point checklist covers the major areas of your car, including (but not limited to):

    Your tires—we check air pressure, tread depth, speed ratings and load capacity to ensure you have the right tire for your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. Your fluids— we check your oil, as well as other fluids needed for maintenance: transmission, coolant, power steering, washer, and brake fluid. Under your hood—we check engine start and crank inspection to determine battery life, as well as your lights, filters, wipers, and more. Under your foot—we check your front and rear brakes to look for signs of wear.

Once your inspection is complete, we’ll share any observations or findings we’ve made with you. If any services are recommended, we’ll work with you to determine which should be made immediately, and which are routine in nature and can wait until a later time.

Periodic vehicle checkups will keep you aware of any necessary repairs, making sure you and your car running smoothly.

We recommend that you have your vehicle checked at every oil change so you are alerted to any changes to your vehicle's condition