Repair & Replace

Shocks & Struts Service

The components of a vehicle’s suspension system, such as the shocks and struts, need inspected, repaired, and even replaced over time. Our service technicians will inspect your vehicle’s suspension systems to identify any potential issues with the shocks, struts, and springs, then we’ll replace them as needed.

Price Requires Inspection


Signs Your Shocks And Struts Need Checked
  • Your vehicle feels less stable
  • It’s harder to handle your vehicle when turning
  • Your tires are wearing faster than normal

Whatever your favorite places are, getting there is more enjoyable when the road is smooth and easy to navigate. That is one function of your shocks and struts. So, if you suspect your vehicle is in need of repair, let us assist you in ensuring that your steering and suspension system is in good working order.


Looking for assistance?

During our service, we'll first perform an inspection for signs of wear or damage in the shocks, struts, and springs in your vehicle's steering and suspension systems. If we discover either, we'll consult with you to see if a Shocks & Struts repair is necessary to get you and your vehicle back on the road. This service usually takes between two and three hours.

Easily schedule an appointment today online for your local Just Tires tire shop if you feel your car’s suspension is less stable.

Shocks and struts that are in good working order help to provide a smooth and stable ride as you travel to your destination. With scheduled appointments, our technicians will inspect your steering and suspension on a regular basis to help you prevent premature tire wear which can help save you money in the long run.

Shocks and struts tend to wear out slowly. After your vehicle has driven 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers), it's recommended to have your shocks and struts tested. If you need assistance.