Repair & Replace

Wiper Blade Replacement

Are your windshield wiper blades leaving streaks on your windshield due to dry or cracked areas on the blades? Make an appointment today and let us find the best windshield wiper blades for your vehicle. We will replace your old blades with a new set of high-quality wiper blades.

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Signs Windshield Wipers May Need Replaced
  • Wiper blades look dry or cracked
  • They leave streaks of water or snow behind on the windshield
  • You routinely drive in extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • You live in a storm-prone area

When your windshield wipers are working properly, it's much easier to appreciate—or avoid what's on the other side of your windshield. So, if yours are beginning to show signs of wear or are leaving traces of debris on your windshield, come in for a replacement pair.


Looking for assistance?

Your existing, worn-out wiper blades will be replaced with new, high-quality ones by our technicians. It's one of the simplest ways to ensure that you have a clear view through your windshield.

Easily schedule an appointment today at your local Just Tires tire shop and have your windshield wiper blades replaced.

Dust, road grime, extreme temperatures, and weather can all take their toll on your wiper blades. These conditions over time can leave your wiper blades brittle, cracked, torn, and even warped, which can result in gaps and streaks appearing on your windshield when the wipers are in use, obstructing your visibility while driving.

For the best results, it’s recommended to replace your wiper blades every six months. If they're looking dry, cracked, or if you've been driving in bad weather, you might want to get new ones sooner.