Discoverer® EnduraMax®

Rated 4.570 out of 5 stars
  • All-Season
  • 60k mi Warranty
  • 3PMSF
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Tire Features

Enhanced on-road durability

Durable-Tread™ Technology helps extend the life of your tires with ultra-durable materials that resist wear and tear..

Serious winter traction

Winter Grip™ Technology lets you confidently tackle winter conditions thanks to sawtooth grooves that dig into snow.

Exceptionally Quiet

A unique tread pattern thats remarkably quiet on the road.

Fortified design

Enduraguard™ design helps the tire keep its shape while taking on rough and uneven surfaces.

Extra strength belts

Armor Belt™ Technology provides the strength needed to take on rough roads.

Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Designation

Tires designed for use in severe snow conditions and meet specific snow performance test requirements.

Warranties & Guarantees

Cooper 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction pledge gives you 45 days to decide whether to keep select tires or exchange them for a different set of tires.

Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.

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Standard Limited Warranty

This tire is eligible for the Standard Limited Warranty.

Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.

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Tread Wear Protection

We know you want to get the most out of your tires. That’s why we confidently back this tire with a warranty that helps protect you in the case of premature treadwear.

60,000 mi./ 95,000 km

Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.

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Tire Specifications
Tire Specifications

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