Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service

During a transmission fluid flush at Just Tires our service technicians will check for any possible fluid leakage, then we'll remove the old fluid and replace it with clean, high-quality transmission fluid during the flush.


It's a lot easier to keep track of what you want to see and do when you're good at changing gears. The same can be said for your vehicle. So, if you think your transmission might need some attention, come in for a free automatic transmission fluid check with us.


Signs Your Transmission Fluid Needs Changed

  • Your transmission is grinding or making strange noises
  • Your vehicle changes gears too quickly or too slowly
  • Your gears start to slip
  • Your car is jumping or surging forward, or falling backward, for no good reason
  • Your vehicle stalls for one or two seconds before moving between gears


What’s Included with our Automatic Transmission Fluid Service?

The first step in our Automatic Transmission Fluid Service is a free inspection of your transmission and fluid for cleanliness and leaks. If you want to have your automatic transmission fluid flushed, we'll remove the old fluid and substitute it with a high-quality transmission fluid that meets your vehicle's manufacturer's specifications.

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Why is Transmission Fluid Maintenance Important?

Transmission fluid helps to cool, lubricate, and provide the necessary pressure to the transmission. With time, transmission fluid will lose its ability to clean, cool, and lubricate, where overheating and transmission loss may be possible outcomes.


By replacing protective additives you are helping the transmission maintain proper shifting. Routine transmission fluid flushes and replacements help to avoid costly repairs and may also help the car run better, save money on gas, and emit less toxic emissions.

How Often Does Transmission Fluid Need Checked?

At Just Tires, we recommend that including a free transmission fluid check at any oil change is the most effective way for our customers to remain on top of their transmission fluid. As a result, you'll have an accomplished service technician helping to assist you in making sure it's in fine working order.

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