Drive Shafts & CV Joints

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Driveline components like drive shafts and CV joints transfer power to your wheels, and keep you firmly in control in challenging conditions. When they start to fail, everything about driving gets harder, from steering to turning to stopping.

If you think you may need your drive shaft or CV joints repaired, bring your car to us. Our technicians can help ensure they’re in good condition and working properly, so an unpleasant drive doesn’t keep you from enjoying your destination.

How do I know I need my drive shaft or CV joints checked?

  • You notice a heavy vibration or rumbling noise from underneath your vehicle when you're driving down the highway
  • You hear squeaking, grinding, clunking, popping, or loud metal-on-metal chirping sounds when you turn
  • Your steering wheel is hard to turn
  • You notice grease on the outside of your tire—a sign of a torn CV boot
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What's included with our Driveshafts & CV Joints service?

Our experts will carefully inspect all your driveline mechanisms, including its drive shaft and universal joints, to diagnose and repair the source of any noise, vibration, or steering difficulty you’re experiencing. Our service includes

  • Checking for noises or vibration during acceleration
  • Inspecting your drive shaft joints for cracks, tears, loss of lubricant, or excessive movement
  • Measuring and refilling the transmission fluid
  • Repairing or replacing drive shaft and CV joint components, if our technicians suggest and you decide it is needed

Why is Drive Shafts & CV Joints service important?

Driveline components are responsible for transmitting power from your engine and delivering the torque to your vehicle's wheels, to give you the most responsive handling and speed possible. When they’re damaged or poorly lubricated, your handling and ride suffers, and can even be unsafe.

How often should I have my driveline checked?

If you notice heavy vibrations coming from your wheels or undercarriage; if you hear squeaking, grinding, or popping; or if it gets difficult to turn your wheel, we recommend coming in for a driveline check at your earliest convenience to help ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers.

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