Headlight Replacement

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When it comes to things you can’t live without, working headlights are pretty high on our list. Without them you can’t see where you’re going, and nobody can see you. So if you’ve got one that’s gone out or looks like it’s about to, don’t let it sideline you. Come in and see us, instead.


What’s included with our Headlight Replacement Service?

As part of our Headlight Replacement Service, we’ll carefully inspect your vehicle’s headlights, sealed-beam or LED lights, brake lights, turn signals, hazard lights, and marker bulbs. Next, we’ll work with you to determine any replacements you want to have made, and then install them.

Why is headlight replacement important?

When headlights and other bulbs are working properly, they can reduce the chances of an accident by helping to ensure that your vehicle is easily visible and your intentions to turn, stop, or signal a hazard are clearly known. That’s why, when they break or lose their brightness over time, it’s important to replace them.

Replacing lights that may be dimming due to age can also improve visibility in at night and in poor weather. And if a bulb is out, a speedy replacement can also help prevent a possible citation by the authorities.

How often should I have my headlights replaced?

Several factors go into the average headlight lifespan, including:

  • The amount of the use it gets
    The more often you use your headlights, the sooner you will have to replace them. If you always drive with your lights on, for example, you can expect the bulbs to burn out sooner.
  • What type of bulb it is
    Halogen bulbs, for example, don't last as long as HID (high intensity discharge) lights, while LED lights are said to last longer than both.

We recommend that you service your bulbs if they’ve grown dimmer over time or when they go out. And if you notice a cracked headlight lens (with dust or moisture in it), it’s a good idea to have your headlights checked sooner.

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