Power Steering Fluid Service

At Just Tires, we will first check for any possible fluid leakage during a scheduled power steering fluid flush. Our service technicians can remove the old fluid, flush the parts, and replace it with new fluid during the flush. Help boost your steering efficiency by making an appointment today.


  • Your vehicle has a power steering fluid leak (a clear- or amber-colored fluid that smells like burnt marshmallow)
  • It’s hard to steer, or steering is less responsive
  • You hear noises when you turn your steering wheel
  • You’re past your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval

Schedule an appointment or bring your vehicle to one of our tire shops near you for a free power steering fluid check if you suspect a problem.


What’s Included with Our Power Steering Fluid Service?

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any leaks during a scheduled power steering fluid service. Any problems we encounter will be shared with you, and you will be able to decide whether or not to perform a full power steering fluid flush.


Finally, in compliance with your vehicle manufacturer's advice, we'll replace your old fluid with new, high-quality power steering fluid. Schedule an Appointment Today

Where Can I Schedule a Power Steering Fluid Change Near Me?

Easily schedule an appointment today at your local Just Tires tire shop and have your power steering fluid inspected and serviced as needed. Schedule an Appointment Today

Why a Power Steering Fluid Flush is Important

A power steering fluid flush can help:

  • Extend the life of your vehicle’s power steering components,
  • Improve steering efficiency and performance
  • Prevent future leaks and costly repairs down the road

How Often Should Power Steering Fluid Be Changed?

We recommend flushing the power steering fluid once, before the vehicle reaches 50,000 miles. This will help to eliminate pollutants and help prolong component life. Another flush is then recommended again at 50,000 miles or greater, depending on the manufacturer's guidelines. Schedule an Appointment Today