Radiator & Coolant Flush Service

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To begin, our service technicians will inspect your coolant levels and if your antifreeze is low, we will recommend a flush of your radiator and heater core. Flushing and replacing your coolant will help your vehicle stay at the correct temperature under pressure.


Car Running Hot? Your Coolant May Need Changed

Have you ever wondered how your car maintains its cool? Coolant or antifreeze, whatever you call it, is what helps keep your engine safe and your vehicle from overheating. Do you think yours could use checked? Bring your vehicle to us and we will gladly inspect it for free.

Signs That Coolant/Antifreeze Needs to be Checked
  • When checking your coolant or antifreeze level it is too low
  • Your temperature gauge has risen to the “hot” region or higher than it usually does.
  • White smoke is coming from under the hood—which can indicate overheating
  • White exhaust smoke is visible, which indicates that coolant may be being burned.
  • Under your vehicle, you discover a bright green, sweet-smelling liquid (which may be your coolant or antifreeze) leaking.

Looking for assistance?

First, our service technicians will inspect your coolant levels to make sure they meet standard levels. If our inspection finds that a radiator flush is required and you choose to proceed, we'll inspect and pressure-test your vehicle's cooling system. Then, according to the manufacturer's specifications, we'll flush and replace your coolant.

Engine coolant loses its anticorrosion and lubricating properties over time, allowing rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits to form. Overheating, engine damage and more expensive cooling system repairs are all possible outcomes.

Recommendations differ depending on the vehicle manufacturer and model. As a best practice, scheduling a coolant service once a year can boost your confidence on the road (no matter how hot it gets under your hood).

For replacement and/or service, the Motorist Assurance Program recommends consulting your vehicle's owner's manual. Schedule an Appointment Today